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Vacuum/Product Recovery

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Our specialised and dedicated food grade vacuum tanker, with a 60 cubic metre tank capacity is capable of uplifting and handling all free flowing solids used in the manufacture of food products.

Our tanker lifts material, usually from the interior of Silos and tanks by moving large amounts of air through intrinsically safe hoses.

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The material, via a cyclone, enters and is stored within the vehicles collection tank.  The material can then be discharged into on-site storage facilities, held within the tank until the silo is cleaned and then blown back in, or, as we are fully licensed waste carriers, taken to waste facilities.

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Used in conjunction with our rope access teams, we find our tanker to be invaluable when we need to salvage compacted foodstuffs for example.  The rope access teams enter the silo to loosen the material and he vacuum tanker is on hand to remove it quickly and efficiently.

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By providing the complete answer to all the food industries silo needs, our clients benefit from a fast, professional service that is not only extremely cost effective, but can also ensure that your down-time is kept to a minimum.


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