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Silo Cleaning & Maintenance

About Silo Cleaning and Maintenance

Nationwide Silo Access Services Ltd is one of the UK’s leading forward-thinking silo companies delivering a specialist cleaning and maintenance service to industries on a national level. We provide cleaning services for square and round silos, bins, hoppers, filters, tanks and ancillary equipment, to remove residues such as animal feed products, flour, sugar, salt, grain, fat, oils & any other raw materials. Our teams of fully qualifed rope access technicians carry out this service.

Our team of rope access technicians are fully trained in confined space entry procedures, working at heights and the safe use of equipment and are fully conversant with all Health & Safety requirements. A variety of specialist tools and skills are required including monitoring equipment, escape sets, breathing apparatus, rescue kit, casualty care  and CPR techniques. Standard cleaning may be undertaken at scheduled intervals or on an “as and when” basis.

A monthly silo maintenance  contract plan can be arranged.

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This service will provide you with:

  • A Detailed Report
  • Photographic Evidence
  • Swab Test Analysis (If necessary)
  • A Valid Hygiene Certificate


  • Cost effective
  • Reduces Risk of Contamination
  • Improves Storage Capacity
  • Minimalises Disruption to Productivity
  • Eliminates Blockages


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