Silo Evacuation

Nationwide Silo Access Services fully appreciates that it is essential to keep your ingredients continually flowing from your silos and tanks. We also appreciate that any delays through silo blockages, contaminated or out of spec ingredients within a silo or tank creates a risk to your business in terms of time, resources and costs.

We provide a fast, highly professional silo evacuation service to enable you to be ‘up and running’ again with the minimum of delay.

Food Grade Tankers

Our fleet of food grade vacuum tankers operates throughout the country, providing a rapid response to companies needing to evacuate materials from silos and tanks for whatever reason. Each vacuum tanker is operated by a team of very experienced food industry technicians working with the very latest technology ensuring minimal product wastage and down-time.



Your ingredients can’t be extracted from the bottom of the silo – NO PROBLEM!

Our unique services are invaluable when conventional evacuation from the bottom of the vessel isn’t possible.

Using the very latest food industry anti-static extended tanker hoses and specialist equipment, our teams of qualified rope access technicians are able to fluidise any compaction or mass wherever it is in the silo. The material is then extracted from the top of the vessel.


Once extracted, your product can be held within the tanker until we’ve cleaned the silo (where necessary) and then blown back in. Stored at a location of your choice either on site using one of our silo tankers, or off site at one of our purpose built facilities. Without doubt this versatility enables the site to have full control over its’ own products.

It is our job to actively reduce the risk of contamination or product damage, limiting the financial impact of silo problems on your organisation.


As well as our dedicated food grade tankers we operate non – food tankers which are solely used for the building and aggregate industries including cement,lime,ash etc and a dedicated bio mass tank for the wood pellet industry


Our tanker vacuumation services, as with all the work that we do, exists in response to discussions with the UK’s top food producers.

Our designers and planners have many years of experience working within food industry management. We know what delays mean to your business

We know that you need a rapid response that is professional, hygienic and safe. All the work that we do is fully auditable. The paperwork for not only silo evacuation but for all work provides the proof of due diligence.

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Nationwide Silos are the only company in the UK able to provide for all of your silo requirements, including efficient top or bottom extraction services, cleaning and maintenance with one simple phone call.

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